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Benjamin Nathan Tuggle-Adventurer

by Russell Lunsford

Daniel Boone and the Settlement of Boonesborough, Kentucky


Benjamin Nathan Tuggle thinks he’s just like any other twelve-year-old growing up in Eastern Kentucky in 1976 – until he learns he can travel back in time.


He knows for sure that he’s not dreaming when he meets Daniel Boone, a hunter, woodsman, and adventurer. The year is 1776, and Boone and the other settlers of Boonesborough are braving the dangers of the wilderness to open up an unexplored frontier.


Wild bears and marauding Indians are no match for Boone. The woodsman has never net a situation he couldn’t talk, fight, or run his way out of, but he might not be able to match Benjamin’s wit and energy. Despite their differences of personality and time period, the two develop a kinship as they discover the passion that they share for nature, adventure, and justice.


To truly make a difference and prove that he belongs, Benjamin must overcome his fears and get involved in the events he’s only read about in school.







101 pages





Paperback (trade)




101 pages





Also available in Kindle Edition

Cover Art and Format by Greg Tate

Illustrations by Russell Lunsford


© Copyright 2010 by Russell Lunsford

All right reserved

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Russell Lunsford is an author who teaches American history through children’s fiction.  The Benjamin Nathan Tuggle - Adventurer series educates by capturing a child’s imagination with an adventure in history.  Boone’s contribution to the western movement was significant and Daniel Boone and the Settlement of Boonesborough, Kentucky teaches children his valuable historical story.

              -Sam Compton, President, The Boone Society, Inc.